inHealth Mutual Launch!!

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Congrats to everyone at inHealth for the successful launch of their new website.  The site was built with a huge amount of custom workflow and business rules to assist with moving potential insurance applicants through the site so they could get a better quote on health insurance.  Our .Net team did a fantastic job working with everyone to get the project completed.  While we interfaced with more healthcare and IT vendors then we can count, the highlight was flying out to Texas to meet with their team  and getting a chance to meet  everyone face to face who helped us make this project a success.  Keep watching the site for more changes and your chance to participate in the new health care laws.

inhealth_1 inhealth_2 inhealth_3

The Launching of the Goodwill Website

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Goodwill_1     Goodwill_2
We have continued our efforts of helping out local non-profit and charity organizations by supporting Goodwill Columbus by helping them launch their new website.  It started out as a simple project and turned into a pretty monumental undertaking.  There are over 25 unique responsive templates built into their content management system.  We have to thank CPV (Conrad Phillips Vutech) for all their hard work preparing all the design and visuals for us.  Their leadership on the project and the design was fantastic and they really made our job a lot easier.  FYI: They’ve done a lot more work to help out Goodwill over the last few years then just this project and we appreciate that they gave us the opportunity this time.
Go ahead and play around with the site and see how customized all the pages are.  All the templates allow full control over the unique content with an extremely simple to use CMS system.  This prevents administrators from accidentally breaking the various pages by trying to edit them in a normal HTML editor.  It also gives them a lot more granular control over the content then a normal system would.  We also integrated a custom Google Maps interface to find their locations, the ability to donate online, and helped with some tweaks to their mobile app.
Overall it was a great site to develop but the best part was learning a ton more about what Goodwill actually does.  While we were building their site we found out that Goodwill is way more then the clothing stores and vehicle donations we are all familiar with.  You really need to go to the site and checkout their success stories to see what impact they really have.  Thanks again to Goodwill, CPV, and our PHP team for doing a great job on this website.

TechColumbus Launch!

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We are excited to announce that we launched the TechColumbus website last week.  You can check it out The site was over a year long effort of working with the marketing team at TechColumbus and with Rattleback who lead the effort both from the creative and client management side.  We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with such an impactful client in the Columbus technology arena.  Actually several of our clients have used the resources of TechColumbus to move their companies forward.  It was fun to finally work with TechColumbus to help them since they have done such a fantastic job helping our clients over the last few years.
If you have not worked with TechColumbus before please check out their site.  They are focused on a lot more then websites and IT.  They have a ton of clients on their portfolio page that would actually shock you.  Check out theirportfolio page and see for yourself.
Our development focused around rebuilding their old Drupal 5 CMS system into an easier to manage CMS platform.  Key features are the ability to manage their own portfolio to make it easier to search for web users, an easier to manage blog that is focused on opening up the content to users outside of TechColumbus, and some more features to get users in the community more engaged with the content, clients, and staff of their organization.  If you are a startup check out the Startup Lifecycle page ( to see how Tech Columbus can help you move through the process to success.  Thanks again to everyone at TechColumubs, Rattleback and the Switchbox PHP Team for making this a really exciting and successful launch.

Switchbox Welcomes New Member of The Team!

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We are ecstatic to introduce Mike as the new addition to our team as Sales Manager!


A strong and innovative leader, Mike brings over 25 years of diverse experience in North America industry and a proven record of success designing, developing and executing successful strategies for profitability and growth.

 Most recently Mike served as Vice President of Automotive with Olympic Steel, a $1.4 billion U.S. Metal Service Center with 17 U.S. locations. With a steady hand and confident approach, he grew the business by 65% within 5 years and came out of the industry and national financial crisis strong and profitable.

 His earlier career history includes playing a key role in two Greenfield start-ups, where he developed high performing sales territories during the initial development phase of each company.  Additionally, Mike led the financial turnaround of two processing facilities, making tough but necessary decisions that led to significant growth in performance and sustainable profits in both organizations.

 Mike ’s leadership and business philosophy are closely aligned and, walking the talk, he serves as a model to the teams that he leads, expecting that they embrace responsibility and accountability and, without exception, consistently working to the best of his or her ability.  He believes that personal engagement and understanding of all aspects of the business are imperative addition to managing procedures, policies and lean initiatives.  He brings excellent communication skills and a history of developing and maintaining powerful relationships with key players and all members of the team, both internal and external.

 Known for his overall honesty, integrity, ethics as well as his ability to develop win-win business scenarios, Mike is proud of his record as a catalyst for implementing positive change, building strong and effective work teams, improving internal and external communication, and modifying policies and procedures, consistently and significantly improving safety, operational efficiencies and profitability.

 Mike holds a B.S. in Business from Heidelberg College and a Certificate in Strategic Metal Management from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.

 He and his wife Wendy currently reside Columbus, Ohio.  With their four children successfully launched, they have officially joined the ranks of “empty nesters.”

Switchbox Chili Cook Off !

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Last Friday, Switchbox held its first ever chili cook off. Nine people participated by bringing in chili to our office and each team member voted for the best chili! In addition, we also held a chili eating contest, with several team members participating. Needless to say, this was a great event for our team. Taking time away from our busy work schedules to enjoy some chili and each other was just what we needed!

DSC_0340  DSC_0356 DSC_0362 DSC_0344

Simple website testing tool for everyone!

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Have you ever gone to a website and it was down but then someone else told you it was fine?  Or, maybe you launched a new website for your company and as the domain records were updating your noticed the site went down.  Well, this is a super simple web development tool for seeing if the site is down just for you or for everyone.
You can even get a unique link for your site if you do the testing a lot.  See the example below

Switchbox Makes Fast 50 List!

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We are absolutely happy to announce Switchbox made 12th on the Business First’s Fastest 50 growing business list! Below are pictures from the luncheon

!photo 1                  photo 2


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