CCAD Student Art Fair

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Dropped by the CCAD Student Art Fair in an effort to pick up some interesting pieces for the office! What a fantastic display of creative and talented pieces. Check out the artist’s website for more information regarding the pieces below:

unnamed ccad 1     unnamed ccad 3     unnamed ccad

Schaffer Consulting Launch!

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Switchbox is happy to announce the launch of Schaffer Consulting! We collaborated with Rattleback, in setting up a new CMS platform as well as integrating a fantastic responsive-design. Additionally, we developed a few custom Modules to help Schaffer with content management for Harvard Business Reviews, CTA Submissions with Analytics, Case Studies Management, Blog and Team Management. Schaffer couldn’t be happier with how efficient and simple managing contents has become on their new site.
Shaffer        shaffer 3


Kohler Site Launch for Engine Installation Procedures

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kholer site

Gardner, an existing Switchbox client, needed a quick and easy solution for their dealers to deliver engine installation procedures. The site had to be independent from their current site and have some very basic functions:

  • Ability to search procedures and display results
  • Create, Edit and Approve repower procedures
  • An area where procedures were public and searchable

They didn’t want to focus on design, just the creation of a tool that would get the job done.  Switchbox was able to take their vision and in less than a month, create a minimally designed site that covered all the bases for their project. Now that the project is complete and usable, they see new opportunities and will continue to refine the site as needs arise.

Liberty Foundation Launch!

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We recently did some minor updates for the Liberty Foundation just in time for their interview with Fox News. A few of these updates included: Categorizing their news page into links on their homepage so they can be easily accessed, adding a news ticker on the homepage to highlight their top five news articles, adding social media icons to easily access Liberty Foundation’s social media accounts and adding a link to access their digital magazine on their homepage.
Be sure to check it out!

Switchbox Visits Ronald McDonald House

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unnamed (4)

Joel and Steve had the privilege of visiting the Ronald McDonald House to meet with the Community Relations and Marketing Director, Ryan Wilkins. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio is located on the campus of Nationwide Children’s hospital and serves families and hospitalized children by providing a home-away-from-home. This space provides a place to rest, prepare meals, do laundry, etc., while keeping families close to the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House is exceptional in that they do not turn anyone away regardless of financial donation.

Joel and Steve received a tour of the facility as well as a more knowledgeable understanding of the Ronald McDonald’s vision and overall operation. This was such an exciting opportunity for Switchbox as we believe this organization to be a great attribute to our Columbus community. We are very much looking forward to working with them in the future.

Center of Vocational Alternatives Launch!

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For the past year, Switchbox has working on a portal website for the Center of Vocational Alternatives (COVA).  COVA, a program of Southeast Healthcare Services, provides services which assist and support individuals in overcoming emotional and other challenges to a productive life, focusing on employment, economic stability and life skills. Their belief that all people have the capacity to grow and change ignited the RecoveryWorks program as a support system for empowering those needing support in their life’s journey.

Switchbox worked closely with Peebles Creative Group and COVA to create, a client support portal for Wellness Members. RecoveryWorks offers a way for COVA Recovery Guides to interact with Wellness Members who can also enlist others to support them by inviting and interacting with them within the site.

Some of the technical features Switchbox implemented were member and supporter registrations, a live chat and messaging feature, event listings and registrations and the ability to suggest and favorite specific entries that might be of interest to Wellness Members.  Although COVA is not a medical provider, the site required HIPPA compliance in order to support a secure “file cabinet” feature that allows Wellness Members to upload and store files with access from any Internet supported device.  COVA’s goal is to work with community organizations such as the library to extend access to the RecoveryWorks website.

cova_1 (1)

Image Optimization for Site Performance

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netech_1_  netech_2_001
Recently we had a unique challenge of launching a site with multiple high resolution images on several of their pages.  While the site looked good it was taking several seconds to load on mobile devices with slower internet connections.  We used a few simple tools to help analyze the problem and then to ultimately provide a site that loaded faster without sacrificing the quality of the images. In addition to the optimizing we applied in house, we gave the client some suggestions to help compress images to help maintain the site’s performance because large or high resolution images will have an effect on continued performance.
The current tool of choice for image compression from our developers is ( Here are a few helpful tips tips for using this compression tool. To start try “Lossy” compression first – this will compress the images more. There is a chance quality might be affected here, but if it looks good, use this because it will be the best for performance. If the quality is not good enough with the above compression, the next option is “Lossless” compression. This will improve quality, but not as optimal for performance. Keep in mind the more the compression= smaller files = faster load speed. Also, this compression tool supports multiple file upload, so you are able to batch multiple images to compress which will save a great deal of time!​

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