Is your Browser HIPAA Compliant?

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Recently, we were involved in an interesting project with one of our client’s websites.  Currently their organization falls under HIPAA guidelines and as their software development partner, we were tasked with helping maintain the security of their internal website used for case notes and patient tracking.  Our developers provided a form that allowed their staff to enter in case note for patients, simple enough.  However, the problem was that Chrome provides an automatic spell checker built into the browser.  The spell checker takes text from each textbox and submits it back to Google, Google then provides suggestions for spelling.  Our client, as we suspect most clients, did not have a HIPAA agreement with Google which was a security violation for their site.  Ultimately the solution was to install a spell checker on the same server as the main internal website application, ensuring all case notes stay on the secure server and never leave.  As in this instanace, sometimes the simple things are the most important.


If you have questions about your HIPAA compliance with a public or private website give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss it with you.

Switchbox Annual Chili Cook Off!

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For the second year in a row, the Switchbox team has competed in an epic Chili Cook Off! Each chili had its own style and flavor and was completely unique. Ultimately, after many  many samples, Kris’s chili was voted best chili! What a great event for our team!


Ohio Bar Launches New Site!

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We are happy to announce we have just launched the Ohio State Bar Association’s new site!
OSBA originally had multiple places to sign in as a user. This created extra time and work for the user, as all information was not in one place. Switchbox helped OSBA in deploying unified authentication throughout their multiple applications implementing SSO on their site. Essentially, we connected their certification site to their main site, ultimately making it easier for users access both sites with a single sign on.



Happy Supermoon from Switchbox!

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Switchbox Welcomes Shane To Our Team!

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Shane has worked as a web developer for over 5 years. He has a wide range of development experience ranging from corporate to small business and front end design to database architecture. After graduating from Ohio University Shane moved to Columbus where he began his development career working for a very small company that created a custom CMS for local schools. While there he helped streamline their deployment process and learned much about C#, CMS, and small companies. From there, he moved to a corporate environment where he actually did design work and was involved in the development of important internal systems as well as external facing cart, checkout, and account system. While corporate has it’s perks, Shane found that he preferred to work for smaller companies and joined a growing web agency in downtown Columbus. Agency life is fast paced, exciting, and provides great experiences. While there he learned the value of collaboration and continued to grow his skills as a web developer. Shane now finds himself at Switchbox where he hopes to use all that he has learned to help move the company forward while continuing to grow with the people around him.


CRTRA Re-Launches!

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CRTRA has re-launched with a brand new design and membership experience. The entire membership system has been reworked from the ground up to give CRTRA administrators full control to manage their membership, keep them up to date on latest news and events, and provide their members exclusive services. The site is built with Switchbox’s custom built CMS platform, which allows for administrators to create and management dynamic content throughout the site. An administrator dashboard provides access to event and news management along with user and subscriber controls.

CRTRA_1                         CRTRA_2

Safeguard Risk Solutions Launches!

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Safeguard Risk Solutions came to Switchbox looking for a digital solution for emergency situations for schools and other organizations.  Their vision was an easy way to access their best practice emergency responses designed with first responders and emergency consultants.  The solution? The MERP – an online series of response strategies. The Mobile Emergency Response Plan offers employees a go to response available on their computer, tablet or smart phone.  To find out more about this innovate solution, visit

safeguard                   safeguard_1



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