Image Optimization for Site Performance

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Recently we had a unique challenge of launching a site with multiple high resolution images on several of their pages.  While the site looked good it was taking several seconds to load on mobile devices with slower internet connections.  We used a few simple tools to help analyze the problem and then to ultimately provide a site that loaded faster without sacrificing the quality of the images. In addition to the optimizing we applied in house, we gave the client some suggestions to help compress images to help maintain the site’s performance because large or high resolution images will have an effect on continued performance.
The current tool of choice for image compression from our developers is ( Here are a few helpful tips tips for using this compression tool. To start try “Lossy” compression first – this will compress the images more. There is a chance quality might be affected here, but if it looks good, use this because it will be the best for performance. If the quality is not good enough with the above compression, the next option is “Lossless” compression. This will improve quality, but not as optimal for performance. Keep in mind the more the compression= smaller files = faster load speed. Also, this compression tool supports multiple file upload, so you are able to batch multiple images to compress which will save a great deal of time!​

Gardner Launch!

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Switchbox is excited to announce the launch of Gardner’s new robust website.  Gardner is one of the largest family-owned Lawn & Garden and Outdoor Power Equipment distributors in the nation with distribution centers in  Columbus, Ohio, Franklin, Massachusetts, and Jacksonville, Florida.

The newly designed site, over a year in development, introduces a fresh more intuitive layout with new services and solution interfaces for Dealers, Manufacturers, OEMs and Consumers.  Once logged in, Dealers can locate and review parts, place orders, view special promotions and find detailed information about their accounts.  The site also features a Brands & Categories section which is designed to introduce users to the extensive brand catalog that Gardner offers.

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Switchbox Gives Back to The Worthington Resource Pantry!

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This year, in an effort to give back to our community, our team decided to hold a food drive. We split our team into three groups and began collecting canned goods and toiletries, to see who could bring in more items. After several weeks of competition, our Administrative Team crushed the challenge.

While deciding which organization to donate to, we wanted to try to stay close to our community and we were looking for a pantry that we could make a big impact on. Ultimately we decided on The Worthington Resource Pantry. The Worthington Pantry’s mission is to educate, feed and comfort people who need a helping hand during rough times. They remain committed to building a healthy, engaging community that continues to provide opportunities. For more information and ways to donate, check them out

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Switchbox Launches Wilmington College!

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Wilmington College unveiled their new website, designed to showcase its new brand and tell the story of their “Hands-On” tagline.  In collaboration with Ologie, Switchbox helped construct a site that was designed to be more visually appealing, easier to navigate and responsive for mobile devices.  The site defines easy entry points for students, parents, faculty and staff as well as alumni and donors.  Campus programs and locations are now delineated to steer students in the campus that’s right for them.  The new design with its streamlined content creates a purpose driven site and encourages repeated use by Wilmington College consumers.



Are You Human or a Bot?

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Have you ever been frustrated trying to prove you are human by deciphering and typing into squiggled words or trying to distinguish letters or numbers within an image? Well, Google’s looking to simplify the experience with their NoCaptcha ReCaptcha. Their new system examines human behavior on a site and allows you to check a box that simply says “I’m not a robot.” For mobile devices, the process will be a selection from a collection of images.




1st Annual Switchbox Food Drive

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This holiday season, our team has decided to give back by having a food drive! To make things interesting, we’ve divided our team into three smaller teams. Whichever team brings in the most canned goods, wins the competition! All of our donations will go to the Worthington Resource Pantry. Let the competition begin!!



Is your Browser HIPAA Compliant?

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Recently, we were involved in an interesting project with one of our client’s websites.  Currently their organization falls under HIPAA guidelines and as their software development partner, we were tasked with helping maintain the security of their internal website used for case notes and patient tracking.  Our developers provided a form that allowed their staff to enter in case note for patients, simple enough.  However, the problem was that Chrome provides an automatic spell checker built into the browser.  The spell checker takes text from each textbox and submits it back to Google, Google then provides suggestions for spelling.  Our client, as we suspect most clients, did not have a HIPAA agreement with Google which was a security violation for their site.  Ultimately the solution was to install a spell checker on the same server as the main internal website application, ensuring all case notes stay on the secure server and never leave.  As in this instanace, sometimes the simple things are the most important.


If you have questions about your HIPAA compliance with a public or private website give us a call.  We would be happy to discuss it with you.


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